Thursday, September 28, 2006

Where to go with this?

This is a quilt that I have started. I think that it is for a local challenge with the theme of elements, but I'm not too sure where I am going with it. I like it...I guess, but it is not very interesting to me just now. My husband was glowing in his respnse to it, which is very unusual. Generally his comments are in the form of constructive criticism; lots of suggestions for improvements. Maybe the fact that he seemed so accepting of this work is the reason that I am not so trusting of it. Now that's reverse psychology!!!

I am thinking to quilt this in big circles and shading. Maybe I'll add some more applique after the quilting. It needs some other colours, it's a bit too monochromatic.

On another note I have been pondering the notion of the textile artist. When does one stop being a quilter and become a textile artist? Generally I refer to myself as a quilter. I design quilts, they are original designs with influence drawn form all that I see around me. (Even though I said original I know that there is nothing new under the sun) I create because I like to and I usually like what I create. I was drawn to consider all of this when someone referred to me as a 'crafter'. I found that a little offensive to my sense of art, but it seemed pretentious to say 'no, no I am an artist'. Maybe I'm nothing but completely self indulgent to my own desire to create! Whatever it is, whatever label is attached: I'm having fun.

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