Thursday, October 26, 2006

Our Beautiful Fabric

A few weeks ago Flo and I began to experiment with hand dying fabric. The very next day I recieved a phone call inviting me to hold a table at our local Christmas market. This must be fate, so naturally I agreed, and with just five weeks to get ready we found ourselves very busy.

This week we have dyed sixty-five metre pieces of fabric.My husband and daughter have cooked all meals, my mum has helped out with ironing our fabrics, and everything else has had to wait. Mind you, I still managed to machine quilt two client quilts. It's really just housework that has to wait!

Here are two of our pieces which I love. Is it wrong to hope that no one will buy them?

Probably should have pressed the creases out of the second one...sorry.

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kirsty said...

65 METRES!!! Lordy! I know how much work that is. Thanks for the nice encouragement about my STILL not progressing quilt! Total lack of enthusiasm sapping e ne r g y as we spe a ...