Monday, January 29, 2007

All Alone Again

The beds are empty before 11am.

The playstation lays dormant.


Because today I sent these gorgeous creatures back to school.

My son started high school today and my daughter begins her final year of high school. It is a really exciting time in both of their lives and a big time of transition for our family.

My son had his long hair cut off on the weekend. It broke my heart! He thought it was better for the start of high school. I hope he gets there and sees others with long hair and lets it grow back! He has his ultra cool sunnies on top of his head.

My daughter is a school leader and is going to assist the year 8 transition to high school programme. She is wearing her new contacts and has already broken her ultra cool sunnies in the bottom of her hand bag. She generally spends half an hour straightening her hair before she leaves, but is finally starting to embrace her bounce.

I hope that we all have a good year - not too stressful for any of us.


Molly said...

sounds strange to hear you all talking about the start of the new school year. Our school year starts in September, goes 'til June.
Nice looking kids. Good luck to them.

nutmeg said...

Goodness your children have a strong resemblance to you - funny that. Lovely pics and kids! Hope your and their year goes well. Is the silence defeaning at your place? Maybe not to much - you like your music playing - JJJ if I remember correctly!

My eldest starts her first day of school tomorrow and the youngest at a new daycare on Wednesday. The eldest will happily wave me goodbye and forget about me in a second; the youngest I'm very unsure about. We'll see what happens!

Stomper Girl said...

Hope the quiet doesn't drive you too crazy. I'm quite desperate for a bit of it round our way, but our school goes back Wednesday.

Lovely photos of your kids, I hope they have a great year.

Re your daughter's hair. Isn't it funny how you always want what you don't have, hair-wise? My wish for curly hair was granted by Mother Nature (as opposed to Dame Perm) when I got pregnant! Beautiful soft ringlets, I was in heaven. I think they've just about gone now, but at least my Cherub still has them.

Tracey Petersen said...

Nutmeg: My children are like me, but they have beautiful green eyes like their father. My music was loud all day!

Stomper: Your cherub does have beautiful hair! I think that my daughter would be happy to have curls like mine or straight hair, but she ended up in between, just with some bounce. She'll just have to learn to live with it.

Good luck to both of your children as they start their school years.

meggie said...

Your children are very good looking. My Granddaughter has beautiful hair, with bounce. She spent hours straightening, but had a haircut which thinned it all out, & surprisingly, it seems to look straighter!
Good luck for your empty nest- am sure you wont miss them after the first day! well...maybe a little.

h&b said...

Your kids are gorgeous.

They also look strong-willed and confident within themselves.

Sign of a good upbringing.
Look at the steadfast way they hold the camera's eye.

A couple of good'uns ;)

aunty evil said...

Your kids are lovely. Your daughter is a beautiful girl. I hate her. She has dimples. I always wanted dimples.

I do have dimples now, but they are in my legs.

Tracey Petersen said...

She has just one dimple, Aunty, the one that you can see. She got it from her father.

Thanks H&B, I know that they know their own minds and are strong willed and I hope that they have the confidence to let them meet the world squarely.