Saturday, January 06, 2007

Are you kidding me?

Yesterday in Townsville a lady accidentally drove her car into the Ross Creek. All was OK. Today we bought the local paper. (We do this just once a month so that we can "tut-tut" the real estate prices.) The incident was reported as below.

"Police said while investigations were continuing, it was believed the vehicle had been parked in the carpark and the woman had hit the accelerator rather than the reverse peddle when she tried to leave."

Well, I think the investigative journalists at the Townsville Bulletin have cracked the case. It was the "reverse peddle"!

What the ..... is a reverse "peddle"? It must have been a fancy car. I have to use the reverse gear in my car because it only came with three "peddles". I guess you had to pay extra for a fourth reverse PEDAL! Good grief, who writes or edits this paper! No one old enough to actually have a licence.

**** **** **** ****
My daughter absolutley blitz her interview for exchange. She was confident, articulate and intelligent in her answers. She didn't look to us for assistance once. She spoke about world politics, her own feelings toward exchange and acceptance of the belief of others. The only question that she struggled to answer was to discuss a difficult decision that she has had to make. She looked across the table and said "My life had been blissful, the hardest decision I have ever had to make is which subjects I should study." What a fabulous childhood she is having!

As the interviewer left confided to me that she felt certain that my daughter would be very successful in the next stages of the process. She had no doubt that she would be the perfect candidate for exchange.

In April my daughter will attend a live-in camp with other applicants. She is really looking forwards to the camp.

And finally some quilting content.

I enjoyed a lovely day sewing with Flo. We are making use of the fabrics that we have dyed. Flo is making a beautiful piece with fused fish - lots of details on her fish. I was piecing using improvised methods to make a background for some appliqued flowers. I used colours which were all very similar and really quite bland. My husband thinks it has a bit of an outback look to it.

This week I have to get back to work on client quilts. I have enjoyed a break for Christmas, but it is time to earn money again!


Stomper Girl said...

The reverse peddle story is a hoot! You should send a link of your blog to the paper and shame them. Well done to your daughter, well done you for being brave.

aunty evil said...

That's a great story!

But do you have to pay for a local paper? We get ours unceremoniously dumped on our driveway every Wednesday. Spoilt city folk!

I love your daughter.

But I think there is something wrong with her. Where is the attitude, the bad moods and the belief that she knows more than her parents? :)

Tracey Petersen said...

Well don't get too excited about my daughter. I watched her walk across a road on a red light yesterday!! Such a rebel.

We mercilessly mock bad attitude and laugh at bad moods, and she doesn't want me to tell her what I know. She runs away with her fingers in her ears when I start.

It's a bit hard to rebel when your parents do stuff like that!!

Sad to say that we paid for the paper.