Wednesday, April 25, 2007



Sorry about the echo caused by my prolonged absence. It has been a VERY busy week. I worked for four days at the Townsville Craft Show. I presented a workshop each day about quilting with your domestic machine (workshop 2, 2pm if you're looking for it). It was a wonderful four days of chatting and socialising with like-minded souls from all around the place. Take a look at Sussanah's blog if you want to see me in action as a tutor. I spoke to over one hundred very keen and interested ladies over the four days. I handed out lots of business cards and hopefully picked up some new business.

Once the craft show had finished I swung into action to complete a quilt for the Down Under Quilts calendar competition. I had to stay up until 2am two days in a row to finish it. It annoys me that I do this. I started the quilt months ago and had the deadline in my head the whole time. I really didn't have that much left to do to complete it, but I just dithered about and wound up having to do some LATE nights to finish it, kicking myself the whole time. Do you know how many ads there are for mobile phone sex after 11:30pm? It is sad, sad, sad.

I can't show you photos of the quilt that I sent away (thank goodness for express post), but the very day that I posted it, the quilt which I entered last year returned home to me. This quilt was a winning entry, it is featured in this year's calendar. It is a well travelled little quilt, having been to Japan twice for exhibition. It returned to me along with a Japanese quilting magazine. Luckily there was a post-it note in the magazine, drawing my attention to this photo

See that quilt just at the end of the pen nib, right behind that lady's head? That is my quilt on show in Japan. Am I internationally published now? Hell, yeah. But without the post-it I would never have found it! Well, maybe with a magnifying glass.

In exciting news.... Today was the first meeting of the cool quilters club. The cool quilters are the beautiful Flo (get a blog so I can link to you!), the multi-talented Kirsty and me. Why are we so cool? Because we think so. We enjoyed conversation that was at times intellectual, other times ridiculous, we were silent at times as we worked and we were very creative and supportive. We had the radio on and listened to very cool music while we worked on our quilting projects. We share similar views of the world. It is so nice to meet such clever people with a similar, accepting views and opinions about art and life. There have been times in my life when I have felt very lonely in a large group of people because I cannot find any one with a mindset like mine. Not today. Thanks ladies.

It was very difficult for me to choose a song to commemorate our first meeting. but after careful consideration I choose this one. I hope that you approve!


kirsty said...

Excellent choice. Tres representive! (that's French.) (not really, but it sounds French.)

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! The first three letters of the word verification are B U M !!!

I'm so intellectual.

Bum. ha ha.

Molly said...

Wish we could see your "Japan" quilt up close! Sounds like you had a lot of fun....Could so-o-oo identify with your last minute, wee hours of the morning stitching. There's something about the adrenaline rush of leaving something 'til the last minute.....

meggie said...

You have been busy! Congratulations.
I would love to the the Japan quilt too, can you show us now that it has returned home?.

Stomper Girl said...

Yay, you internationally published quilter you! Look forward to seeing the Japan quilt also and GOOD LUCK!!! with the competition too.

I knew you and Kirsty were cool quilters.

Sooziii said...

There are no better reasons to be cool than to know you are!

Sussanah said...

Hello Tracey, "international quilter of mystery'. I'd love to do up a cool quilter's mix tape for you guys next time you meet!
And Kirsty that's funny, hell I had a big giggle the other day because when I asked a customer for his name it was Dr Ronald Flapper. Now that's funny!

Tanya said...

Hi there

I have just been sent the link to you from my sister (Shelly from Shells and Beans). I've spent the past half hour scrolling through every one of your posts. I love your work and it's so great to know there are other quilter/bloggers up here in Townsville.

I went to the quilt show last weekend - twice. I spent way too much money and now have a lot of quilting to do... some day.

nutmeg said...

Love The Living End - I haven't listened to them in a while. Any band with one of those big base things (yeah I know - I am noooo musician) hooks me. And any rock song which uses violin - I love that combination.

I am really like the sound of your quilting group. No, I don't quilt - but that getting together with like minded people and talking and laughing etc. Simply, not much beats that. Good on you all :-)

caramaena said...

Oooh published hey? Congrats.

Karen said...

I love those Japanese quilting magazines, not that I can read them but the photos and the ads are really great. Congrats on being an international Quilter as well as a Cool Quilter! All that being said, the intent of this comment is to say hi to my webring neighbor via Diane, of Going to pieces blog. has given us the challenge to do.

Anonymous said...

great choice!
thanks for the excelant day girls.
flo (/blogless, but not for too long hopefully)

di said...

Congrats on being internationally published!!! And now a member of the Cool go girl!

Aunty Evil said...

well that song came as a bit of a surprise. The lead up you gave to it made me expect a gooey, warm and fuzzy "best friends forever" type of ballad. :)

Congrats on being internationally published! And in Japan too! Does this make you a Geisha? :)

Molly said...

Hello--u-o-u-oh! where have you disappeared to?