Friday, April 06, 2007

North Queensland in my own backyard

Today I have spent many hours watching a Ulysses Butterfly dance across my backyard. I took about 100 photos and managed to actually capture it eight times. They fly like are drunk a in wild erratic way. We decided that it might be a strategy to avoid being lunch for a hungry bird.
Prepare to be amazed at the quality of my photography....

Do you see that flash of brilliant blue???

Try again.

A little fuzzy, but you must see that!

Here is my Pete's barramundi. He started with six, but they are carnivorous and happy to be cannibals too. Now he has one. It is about 25cm long (9inches). They are delicious, but there are strict bag and size limits. I doubt that this one will ever be lunch. It is much too loved for that.

Two icons of NQ found in my backyard. What do you have in your backyard which is typical of your area of the world?


Fairlie said...

Hi Tracey - have read your blog for a while now...

Delurking to say well done capturing your backyard wildlife in photos - all I can offer from our backyard are ring-tailed possums and grey-headed flying foxes...but I've had little success in photographing either so far...

Molly said...

That butterfly is a beautiful blue colour! We have gopher tortoises in our neighbourhood. We used to have a small one at the edge of our garden when we moved here first. My son named him Spartacus. We grew fond of him, but haven't seen him in a while. We're hoping he just moved house rather than the other possibility--that he became roadkill. We feel awful when we see one dead on the road. It takes many years for them to reach maturity. Most people are considerate of the fact that they were here long before us, and give them space on the road and stop until they've reached the other side. Most people. Unfortunately , not all....Armadillos are also common in this part of Florida. They can be real pests and dig their burrows under you shrubbery. But they sure look comical when they're on the move!

meggie said...

Hi Tracey, we have a lot of lovely butterflies too, but they never stop long enough to capture in a photo. At the moment we have rain in our backyard, - & that is very NON typical! haha.
We usually have a Bluetoungue Lizard lives under our back concrete at the edge of the garden, but she/he has been very shy this year.

h&b said...

hmmm ... i'm not sure.
We haven't landscaped our backyard, and the previous owner was into palms and succlents . neither of which i'd call "Victorian", or "Melburnian"

Perhaps the footies. Yes, the boy's AFL footballs, that would be it :)

P.S. - have sent you some emails. Not sure if you check your published address much ?

Tracey Petersen said...

fairlie - welcome. flying foxes are not always a thrill to have in the backyard, hope they're quiet for you
molly - oooh, I would love to see an armadillo on the move in real life, I looked up gopher tortoises. It would appear lots of conservation work is being done for them
meggie - I bet your grandchildren love that blue-tongued lizard
h&b - I am a palm hater - lots of people plant them up here because they are 'tropical', but they are not native and they don't belong! i did get one email from you about fireplaces, I read it, chuckled and deleted it in a mad frenzy - sorry, I keep a very neat intray.