Monday, May 14, 2007

Don't you love it?

I hope that everyone had a wonderful mothers' day with their families. I found this on my pillow:

Apparently my son had been in at 6am to whisper to my Pete," Where is the wrapping paper?"

Without even opening his eyes my Pete waved a hand and said to look in the cupboard. Isn't is beautifully wrapped! I love it. He also made me bacon on toast with a barbeque sauce letter M to mean mother - so touching. He's very sensitive, my boy.

I was looking at my two the other day and was struck by how very similar they are in profile. Their colouring is different and my daughter has more delicate features (a kind way of saying that my son's nose and ears look bigger). They are a picture of concentration as they try to recapture the space port from the Empire, or some such vital thing.

I'll leave you with a feel good song for all of us who know we are crazy. Listen to the words - they touch home.


Molly said...

Ze Frenchmen, zey vill adore her!

Fairlie said...

Hi, everything's great.
Hey, everything's fine...

I love the idea of the BBQ sauce M!

Stomper Girl said...

Merry Mother's Day Ho Ho Ho!

Gorgeous photo of your two, I love looking at profiles.

caramaena said...

It is amazing how similar they are in profile. When you look closely, you can see the differences but their eyes grab me as the most similar (well from that view at least).

h&b said...

Gorgeous kids.

I don't look anything like my sister .. until we both tip our heads up at the exact same moment and laugh.

Then, everybody sees it.
The 'it' that makes us kin.

( we do laugh the same, at the same things, I have to admit ;)

Anonymous said...

We do look the same but the Empire wasn't even involved in that battle (ashleigh doesn't like storm troopers) we were actually getting the balcony off the CIS


Anonymous said...

oh yeah and it was also later than 6am more like 7. my phone doesn't even go off til 6:30

My float said...

Don't they have that same intense look! They're beautiful children.

Love that song - it's very catchy. I'll be playing it again!

meggie said...

Lovely pic of the concentrated kids!
Love that paper, ho ho.

Tracey Petersen said...

Molly - but will she adore them? Probably!!!
fairlie - I love the list of things that he doesn't like in the song
stomper - and a happy festivus to the rest of us!
caramaena - it is the look of determination I think
h&b - my sisters and I sound very alike - we can even confuse our partners over the phone
pip - thanks for that - details like these just make the story far more engrossing
my float - welcome back from holidays! yeah they are pretty nice
meggie - it was a very festive mothers' day