Friday, May 11, 2007

Tagged by a virus

Last night I was supposed to go and see Eskimo Joe with my brother-in-law. He is my partner in live music - he appreciates it as I do. Note I said 'supposed'. I had to cancel because of a stupid, miserable virus - sore throat, sore head, cranky attitude. Not at all right for listening to a band. He tells me it was great - he went with his brother instead of me. Never mind - I feel much better now.

Sussanah has tagged me to say six to eight random things about myself. I am wondering whether this is an altered version of the weirdness meme that I did once before. In the game of whispers this meme has come back to me re-invented.

SO...six to eight things

1. I have lots of Peters/ Petas in my life. My husband, his father (and so on down his lineage for five generations), my sister, my cousin and a close friend all have the name Peter. This is the reason that I always refer to my husband as MY PETE. I do this when I write and in conversation. Our son is not called Peter.

2. I am nine days older than my Pete, but he was born sixteen days late. Isn't that disgusting - he caused his mohter to be pregnant for nine and a half months.

3. I love music. At high school I played the flute and really enjoyed it. I am always humming, singing, listening to something. I hate easy-listening music stations on the radio. It is mediocrity.

4. I hate mediocrity. I am cynical. The populist view is popular because people just believe it without thinking. The most important skill that I hope my children have is the ability to reflect and question.

5. I don't watch the news. It is full of populist crap. I hope that someone will ring me to let me know if something important is happening - like a cyclone.

6. I do not understand sport. Who cares who can jump highest, swim fastest, throw furthest, roll around the floor the prettiest etc, etc. Really, who cares?

7. I am a procrastinator. I know that whatever I do will not be good enough so I control my fear of failure by not starting. My impaired logic is that by not beginning failure is inevitable, but I controlled that failure. If I begin and fail, then I really know that I am not good enough. It took me years to work this out about myself. Acknowledging a problem is part way to solving it, but I know that I am blogging right now because I am supposed to be quilting.

Tracey, aged three. Probably supposed to be drawing and creating collage, but procrastinating by dressing up.


nutmeg said...

5. and 7. really strike a chord with me. I think I am going to have to do a whole post on "the news". When they started asking people to "ring in or sms their stories" I knew it was time to turn off or slit my wrists! And 7. - H&B wrote something about perfectionism that really hit a nerve with me; perfectionism = not doing it unless it's the best that ever was = procrastinating and not trying it at all Been there - still doing that (but trying really hard not too) ;-)

Stomper Girl said...

I think I will have to hand over the Stomper Girl title after seeing you in those boots! Great photo (and fun list.)

Sussanah said...

I think it is genetic, our lack of competitive spirit - we are NOT team players

meggie said...

I HATE all sports. which equals no TV. I HATE all fake shallow news programmes. ditto the first.

And um... yes, I am rather a procrastinator at times.

But I have seen bloody fantastic quilts you have made, so you dont always procrastinate!

Molly said...

With you on the ability to think and question. I'd never win mother of the year, but my kids are not sheep. They don't just go baa-a-a and follow the crowd. And for that I am glad.

riseoutofme said...

4, 5 and 6 ring big, clanging bells with me!

I've never understood how 15 supposedly, sane men can spend 90 minutes chasing a funny shaped ball, sticking their heads between each others legs in the process, pushing, shoving, grunting and snorting and on scoring run around jumping on each others backs in a frenzy of elation ....

I must be missing the sporty gene.

Try looking on procrastination as an art form?

Anonymous said...

what a rant- one that i completely agree with!

nutmeg, tracey and i were doing something quilty the other day when we heard about sms'ing in news stories. i think that we both growled at the same time.

maybe if the tv news took a leaf out of tripple j's local news where people call in with trivial random life events like their cow having a calf or the number of days that bush has left in presidency.

Tracey Petersen said...

nutmeg - oh yes that made me ill when news shows started to ask for people to video and photograph stories for them
stomper - alas they belong to my father and given their age I'm sure they no longer exist
sussanah - no one ever chose me to be on their team, sniff
meggie - thanks, I know I should get more done though
molly - no sheep here either. That makes for the best type of mother
rise out of me - not only do they push and shove, but they get paid SOOO much money to do it, go figure!
flo - I'd much rather hear a peron's story than watch the news

My float said...

I'm in the media and I cannot stand what passes for news. We don't watch it here because I have a strict no tv rule when my son is up and about (except for his stuff, of course) which means we haven't really watched the news for three years. I might sneak a peak at the ABC news if he's asleep. But how vacuous is the rest of it?

I'm a procrastinator too, for that same fear of failing to be perfect. Actually, I should be preparing for today's class instead of blogging. Ack. Best get back to it!