Monday, May 21, 2007

Road Trip

I have been on away for a long weekend with my sister and her two children. We went to Yeppoon to visit my grandmother for her 86th birthday. It is an eight hour drive from here to Yeppoon. We had a one year old and a five year old in the back seat, so I am certain that you can appreciate that the trip had some difficult moments! Thankfully they were brief and both of the children were remarkably patient.

Grandma didn't know that we were coming to see her, so she was thrilled!

She had been waiting to meet my nephew. My sister adopted him last year and he has our much loved grandfather's name. Needless to say he was the star of the weekend. He was charming to all he met and left a lasting impression.

That face is pure cheekiness!

We were able to spend about an hour each day on the beach.


jumping waves,

searching rock pools and

finding hermit crabs.

It was a lovely weekend, but as always, it is good to be home.

A song from our road trip.


caramaena said...

Your Grandma looks so happy there. The other pics are great too. I love the jumping waves one.

kirsty said...

Good to have you home!! Gorgeous photos. You have my admiration - 8 hours is a long trip with two little guys.

Stomper Girl said...

I love that song. The beach photos are just lovely, as are your niece and nephew.

Vicki W said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend!

Molly said...

That's what families are for. Your Grandma is a very youthful looking 86 year old. I'm sure having you there made her very happy!

meggie said...

Lovely pics. Your Grandma looks very happy! And as you say, lovely children!

Fairlie said...

Great photos! Looks like it was a memorable trip. (But surely, you deserve a medal for 8 hrs on the road with two kids!)

riseoutofme said...


I'm a slight shade of green here.

No, I don't feel nauseous, I think, maybe its a touch of the green eyed monster.

nutmeg said...

I never really new my grandparents - the last passed away when I was about 13 years old. So I have a bit of the jealousy bug here too. What a great surprise to give!

And yes, 8 hours in a car with two young kids - know all about that. Three cheers for you and your sister (and the kids!)

My float said...

What a lovely surprise for grandma.

(Although I suspect you'd have needed a little lie down after such a looong car trip with kids!)

Tracey Petersen said...

Caramaena - she said afterwards that she felt so loved on the day
Kirsty - did I say eight, it may have been twenty hours
stomper - it is a lovely beach, lots of shells to find
vicki - it was pretty good considering how close we are to winter
molly - she is young for her age
meggie - she was sad to see us go home
fairlie - medal? no just panadol
rise - what is making you so green, is it the beautiful north queensland sunshine?
nutmeg - so sad, I didn't lose a grandparent until I was 26, I have a lot of memories with all of them
my float - oh yes, a lie down, but the kids needed to run and run and run

h&b said...

what a little cutie is your nephew ! :)

Love the photos !