Friday, November 24, 2006

No More Bragging

Sorry about the last two big headed posts. A bit more humble today!

I felt a little like I had neglected my homework so I have been working on my pointy pineapple blocks. It was quite difficult to bring myself to cut out beautiful hand dyed pieces. I had been admiring them as whole works of art and was concerned that cutting them would reduce their impact. But I think they look pretty good cut too!

I used freezer paper with these blocks. I ironed it onto the fabric then stitched around it rather than marking a template onto fabric. I find this to be quick and easy, but if you know an easier way please tell me. First I pieced the two arcs - lots of pins here.

Then I used the freezer paper as a foundation to paper piece both pointy sections. The freezer paper sticks one piece down, so it won't move when you add the next piece.

Here is the completed block once all three sections are stitched together.

The freezer paper gives a nice accurate result. I will add a few other blocks and some applique. More photos to come.

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Caitlin said...

I bought one of those curvemaster feet for the sewing machine - think I got it from Judy Hall (punchwithjudy) and now I sew curves and arcs with no pinning. NONE!! If you look waaaaaaaaaay back on my blog for teh start of Feb this year you'll see some posts where I changed over. Not sure if these links will copy over:
and then the curvemaster foot ppost is at