Sunday, November 12, 2006

Push Pineapple, Shake the Tree

This is a really quick sample piece that I put together to show our hand-dyed fabrics. It took all of ten minutes to conceive the idea, draw the picture, trace, cut and fuse...but I really like it. Maybe it's because it makes me think about my grandparents. They retired to Yeppoon in the late 70's. Yeppoon is on the central Queensland coast, where there were lots of pineapple farms. Of course now it is highly sought after coastal property and the farms are being pushed out.

I am going to make a larger version of this piece with some spike pieced blocks to echo the spiky pineapple tops. Naturally there were no 'just perfect' colours in the whole 65 metres that we dyed, but I am happy with this choice of colours:

The one on the right is much bluer in real life. I have added some pink to make it feel tropical and bring the other colours out. Will post photos as I go along.

Sorry about the title too, a reference to bad 80's pop.


Nic Bridges said...

OMG blast from the past - I thought that song was banished from our memories forever!! Your hand dyes look great!

Anonymous said...

You MEANIE! Now I am earwormed! ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!! Lovely colours, though!