Monday, November 06, 2006

November Stall at Craft Market

Yesterday Flo and I launched our hand-dyed fabrics at a local craft market. It was not the resounding success we were hoping for! We sold only enough pieces to cover our stall - which we thought looked pretty good!

Doesn't that look like the sort of stall that you would want to visit? It seems that most people were looking for ready made items - we had none. The stall next to us made a killing selling pink, glittery items (ghastly) to parents who could not say no to their daughters. Smart lady selling that stuff. You can see a peek of her stall here.

So now the fabrics are neatly piled up on the shelf at my house while I gaze admiringly upon them.

Maybe I ought to put them onto the internet?... Maybe Flo and I should use them! We think they are beautiful.


flo said...

with pride (and amazingly eardrums)intact we live to fight another market!

Robyn Pearce said...

Sometimes it take time for people to see brilliance. Remember Ricky Timms is now famous for his hand dyed fabrics but at one stage in his life he didn't even know how to quilt. I love your hand dyed range and I love the desplays you had at the markets. You and Flo will one day be famous (and me famous by association).

babe said...

oh, they look great! you should start an Etsy store with them.

Elle said...

They re beautiful! What yummy colors.