Tuesday, February 06, 2007

How quickly it all turns

to crap.

Yesterday I had to pick my son up from school sick.
Yesterday the air conditioning in my car stopped working.
Yesterday my sewing machine stopped working and will likely need a new motor.
Yesterday a cyclone watch was declared.
Yesterday my mother was told that she needs surgery to relieve the pressure in her eyes. She has had to cancel her caravanning trip which has been months in planning.

Yesterday the three year old daughter of my sister's friend died as a result of an accident. An accident for which no one is to blame, but which will cause everyone to blame themselves. It is too horrible to comprehend.

Today I have a deep need to clean - reorganise, discard, scrub, dust and vacuum - to try to regain some control and find some order in a world that is spiralling.

Resilience - detail 1

Resilience - detail 2


aunty evil said...

Ohh Tracey, what a bugger of a day. And how sad for the family of the little girl.

My warmest thoughts and wishes are cybering their way to you as I write, and to the family as well.

Anonymous said...

hi tracey,
that is a rough horrible day. are you still feeling crook too? susan's mini you looks fantastic. i like this quilting. remember resiliance

Molly said...

Sounds like a day you wish you could erase. So sorry about you friend's little girl. sometimes there's just no understanding life.

My float said...

I'm so sorry. What a horrible series of events. They're difficult enough to face one at a time. My heart goes out to you.

caramaena said...

What an awful day - my heart goes out to the family of the little girl.

meggie said...

What a dreadful day.
My thoughts are with you, & the family of the little girl.

Di said...

I hope you have a better day today...maybe you got all the crap over and done with in one day!?

Di said...

I hope you have a better day today...maybe you got all the crap over and done with in one day!?

Ali Honey said...

I hope you found the mundane cleaning theraputic.Some days just aren't worth contemplating on too deeply. I wish there was something I could say that would help...but sometimes knowing others are thinking of you and sending their support may help a little. Just be there for your friends, who have lost their wee girl. You can't change it wish as you may.
Hugs from Alison.

Tracey Petersen said...

Thanks everyone. I am looking for a silver lining in every cloud. I knew that the things that I thought were problems were nothing when I put my two children to bed last night.

kirsty said...

Ah yes, the Crappy Day. I have those, too. Glad yours is over. And pleased that we woke up to a Cyclone-Free day.

Stomper Girl said...

No wonder you felt crappy, that was an awful sounding day. Hope things are not so bleak now.

h&b said...

Oh my :(

I'm so sorry.

And I so hear what you're saying when all the little niggles mean nothing when you are able to tuck your children into bed.

I am feeling for the friends of your sister .. and you :(

nutmeg said...

These friggin' viruses; and cyclones; and sad events of your day today (or Monday - I'm that behind). Things tend to go crazy all at once. I am always devastated to hear of the death of any young child - very, very sad.

I hope you and your family are OK with all that weather going on up there. I return the well wishes you delivered my way earlier in the week.