Thursday, February 22, 2007

Still no header

It seems that I have the best and brightest working with me here to add a header. Brenda, Blue Moon Girl and Stomper Girl have each offered me the benefits of their wisdom, but blogger is still winning! I think that BMG was on the right track by working in that top area of HTML, but .... Maybe I should just begin each post with an image of my header and you can all pretend that it is at the top of the page. It must be possible, so I will perservere. (That means bug people who know more stuff than I do.) I might invite my suitably nerdy brother-in-law over on the weekend to see if he can resolve it for me.

This week I shared an afternoon tea and a quilting show and tell with Kirsty. I always feel inspired when I see the work of another quilter and Kirsty's work is just lovely. It reminds me why I love creating. It is amazing that no matter how often people create they can always come up with something new and beautiful. There are so many combinations of colours and elements, shapes and lines, form and function that we never seem to repeat ourselves. There is no finite point when all the art that is possible has been created. When I finish one piece I am already considering how I would do it differently and hatching ideas for my next piece. I love the richness that it brings to my life.

On another note today I saw this word written ideation. Apparently at school we are supposed to ideate our units of work. It means write down our ideas. Is that real? Or are they just making it up to make us feel dumber than we already feel when jargon is bandied about?


Stomper Girl said...

Keep trying with the blogheader - it is too nice a one to not be up there for you. (scuse my terrible phraseology, I'm v. tired)

How nice for you and Kirsty to meet up.

Grr to the idiot who sent you the ideation stuff.

Reminds me of the John Howard election campaign when he wanted us all to have incentivation. Made me want to scream! Still does as a matter of fact.

kirsty said...

I wish I knew how to help with your header, but I have no ideation.

But I do have the best word ver. ever...

meggie said...

Ideate? Incentivation?
The world is going mad!
Much better to stick to sewing & quilting- or dancing in your case SG!

Molly said...

You mean this poison is amok there too? Using stupid, stilted words when a plainer one would serve just as well, often better....

Blue Moon Girl said...

Sorry that idea didn't work. I messed with it in my test blog and got it to work there. So I will try again and see where it goofed up. I'll have to try again tomorrow though. Tonight was "Grey's Anatomy" and now it's time for bed! :)

I think it's incredibly awesome when people get to meet up! And the word ideation has to be made up! Has to be!

Tracey Petersen said...

stupid blogger won't let me leave a comment this is what I was going to say

If you "ideate" will you then be one of those "good" teachers who get a pay rise???? That's incentivation for you to ideate isn't it? Or maybe I should say incentivisation because words that are longer are heaps cleverer.

I posted this on behalf of my very clever and very funny sister, Sussanah.

nutmeg said...

I always love to read of someone finding a passion in life. Your quilting - working with fabrics, colour and arrangement - what a truly amazing outlet!

And pooh pooh to all these ridiculous "made up" words. I only like them when they are meant to be funny or mock a ridiculous aspect of our modern lives eg. administrivia! Otherwise, it's just jargon and completely dehumanising! Can you tell I don't 'em?

And keep plugging away at the header - I have yet to start to try to do it!

di said...

Good luck with the header - can't help you I'm sorry. I always love doing the cross word in the courier mail - and I'm sure they make words up!!!