Monday, February 05, 2007

Water, for lots of reasons

Thanks for your comments, I am feeling much better now. I'm still a bit croaky, but that's all.

Our area of the world has made the national news due to the amount of rain that we have had. Over the past week we must have had 600mm (24 inches). It has rained for days without stopping. I know that a lot of places are desperate for rain and we shouldn't be ungrateful, but...that's enough now.

I recently showed you pictures of the walking path that we use around the river. Yesterday I went to take some photos from the same area:

Our peaceful blue river with just a trickle over the spillway has become an angry brown torrent of water. It was so loud as the water crashed across the weir that we could hear it as soon as we got out of the car.

Areas that are actually the treed banks now look like this:

And the pathway just disappears:

That guy is actually fishing from the walking path. Water generally drains away very quickly in Townsville, so at no point did we flood, but this area of the river is below the weir and usually has little more than a puddle in it. I think that the fishing guys are a little ambitious. Surely a fish would have a safe place to hide when the water like this. Barramundi season opened this month and people have been known to catch them in this area. Maybe they took something delicious home for tea.

Continuing with a water theme...yesterday my nephew was baptised. Today is his first birthday. My sister adopted this little fellow from Taiwan last year. He is just lovely. He fits into our family so well. He was very quick to bond with my sister and his older sister adores him. He wasn't terribly impressed with the ceremony, as you can probably see. It was all over quickly and he gave the minister foul looks for the rest of the morning.

He did enjoy his birthday cake though.


aunty evil said...

The water is wild and lovely, but looks very dangerous! Ohhh, to have torrents here, what a change that would make, we haven't seen anything like that for so long.

What a cute kid! Don'cha just want to squeeze those cheeks!

Wishing him a long and happy life.

Molly said...

Scary weather here too.A tornado roared through an area an hour east of us last Friday, crumpling many homes like little toys and leaving people homeless...

meggie said...

How scary water can be! Great pics!
Love the little guy, Happy Birthday.