Saturday, March 10, 2007

Just blinked once and...

she grew up.

This year my daughter is in her final year of school. By this time next year she will have launched herself into the world.

Like all well adjusted, studious, hard-working students in their final year her thoughts are firmly focussed on...

the end of year formal.

She is already considering what she should wear. Some people are already deciding who should be their partner, but she hasn't told me that she is worrying about that. (She hasn't told me.) My daughter is a beautiful girl - petite in a way that I never was, olive toned in a way that I could never be, confident in a way that took me many years to learn. She is probably what I would have yearned to be in those years before I decided that I was pretty happy just being me.

Today she and my sister went frock shopping, well browsing actually. Just to see what is out there, she what suits her and what she might like. Of course they took the camera. Look at these results

This colour and fabric look just beautiful, but she was worried that she might have to spend a lot of time making adjustments to maintain her dignity - either that or invest in some heavy-duty skin-friendly double-sided tape.

This one was her favourite design. It was comfortable and showed her off nicely, but the colour is not quite right for her. It only costs $995.00. (CHOKE) I doubt very much that my car would fetch that much on the open market! I don't know why she would want a dress for that price when I can find treasures like this online for less than $500.00. Surely the gold wonderwoman look is fashionable!!

It is going to be a long year!

PS My children are regular readers of my blog. They laugh and mock me mercilessly. Their heads grow bigger with each nice comment that you make about them. They think that they are inside my head and can work out how I think. Like a good and balanced parent, from time to time I need to cause them embarrassment. It is my responsiblity as a parent of teenage children.


Stomper Girl said...

Wow, how much fun to go out shopping for a fabulous frock! And to have a wonderful night for which to get all dressed up. I'm a bit jealous! I hope you're saving up hard there, Tracey.

Now I'll be aunt-ish and say the pink is a much better colour on her than the yellow. But she will look gorgeous at her formal. It's just possible she could even bring off that cheerleader lame number from the Promgirl site.

Vicki W said...

I love the pint one as well. I'd get the double-sided tape and go for it!

h&b said...

I am totally taken by that pink number - your daughter wears it well, and HOW !

And yes, I envy her in the same way you did. What a frumpy, unsure and stumbling lass I was. No idea. But I had the YOOF, and now the YOOF is gone, and I have the confidence ( sorta ?! ), and the rest of me is falling apart, or needs to be hidden..


Go the pink. As Paris would say "it's hot"

h&b said...

"that's hot"

No wonder Yoof laugh at the older people .. they can't even get their pop-culture ref's straight.


Angie said...

*picking myself up from fainting over the price they expect high school students' parents to be able to afford for their prom dresses* I have to tell you she's beautiful! And I have to cast my vote with the others here for the pink. Of course, she looks so fabulous in it that IF you can afford to purchase that one for her, you may want to lock her in the bedroom ....ROFL Seriously, she is truly stunning in the pink one.

meggie said...

What a beautiful girl she is!
I am the odd one out- I liked the style of the yellow one.
She will be just gorgeous no matter what she ultimately chooses.

Anonymous said...

meggie, i have to agree with you, i prefer the yellow one too. Tracey (and ashleigh), doesn't she just look stunning!

Aunty Evil said...

If I had her lovely figure, I'd wear either of them, plus the one you supplied the link for! She is gorgeous, and will knock their eyes out on the night.

Good luck to her, and particularly good luck to the guys in her year who will surely die of broken hearts.

caramaena said...

People seriously wear the gold one???? omg!

I love the style of the yellow one, but I'm not a big yellow person myself.

kirsty said...

Hear, hear, PP. Well stated PS - and you KNOW I hold up MY end of the Embarassing Parent Stick.
LOVE the pink dress! Gorgeous, elegant and tres sophisticate.

Tracey Petersen said...

Stomper- I thought the gold fringed number might be a wonderful tap outfit.
Vicki- my son innocently asked 'what is she going to do with all that tape?'
h&b- you corrected paris's quote and it remained monosyllabic. Enough said.
angie- we are thinking about setting up a sponsorship program for funding. Let me know if you want in.
meggie and flo- she does look great, but the yellow's price is making me pale
aunty- it would be even more revealing if I had her figure
caramaena- the gold one is....special
kirsty- good job. I know your kids cringe as much as mine do. We are excellent parents!

nutmeg said...

Hello Tracey! I am still around. I "know" I commented on the last post about your son and his grandfinal - but it is not there. But I don't remember you linking me in that post (thankyou by the way!). Blogger is doing some weird things!

But to this post - your daughter looks stunning - and I see a very strong resemblance to yourself. I too wished for that level of confidence at that age! I liked both dresses, by the way - but I would definitely opt for no train (speaking from experience here!)

Anonymous said...

As her aunt, I'd like to say that it's very very important that she have both dresses - just in case she isn't able to find the perfect shoes to match one of them. Or, better yet as I am the same size shoe as our darling Ashleigh, buy her several pairs of shoes as well...

The gold number is perfect for her next band camp.


precious pink pumps said...

The yellow is divine. There is no question. If my hips were that small I'd buy both.

Tracey Petersen said...

Nutmeg - I agree with no train, too many larged hoofed unco-ordinated teenaged guys around at the end of year formal
Peta - you are a bad, bad person. MUSIC camp is already costing $1200, she is not wearing a $1000 frock on the bus! (buy your own shoes!)
Jen - small hips....small hips... but a distant memory

My float said...

The pink is absolutely beautiful. She's like a swan!

I can't remember ever having that confidence that she exudes. I don't even have it now! May the sun always shine on her.