Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Lesson for Everyone

I truly do love children. Especially in those early years of schooling, when they are curious, talkative creatures with a lust for life. I can talk with children for the longest time. I love to understand what they are thinking, how they view the world. I am very patient and would hate to make a child feel embarrassed or humiliate them in any way. I know how fragile ego can be and how essential ego is to level-headed adults.

This is a conversation I had this week with my niece who is in her first year of formal schooling. She is five.

I couldn't eat my sandwich at lunch time today, Tracey.

Really? Why not?

It was too soggy.

How did it get soggy?

It had water on it.

How did it get water on it?

Someone accidentally flicked their yoghurt onto it, so I washed it under that tap.

Well, that would make it soggy.


I think there's a lesson in that for all of us!!


precious pink pumps said...

ahhh kids, don't you just love them! And your banner looks sensational. Well done. I am inspired and now I want one too. Sussanah??? xx Jennifer

Stomper Girl said...

Could be a whole new cuisine craze. Yoghurt-flecked soggy sandwiches ...for those really hot days when nothing else will satisfy.

Your niece is a cutie.

nutmeg said...

Oh I remember those teeth lollies. Mine haven't discovered them yet but they do know about redskins; another favourite from my childhood.

Kids do say the best things - sometimes you've just got to "remember" and stop and smell the roses with them and listen. It's definitely good for the soul.

I was just told by my 2 year old to "...just try again mum..." after I'd failed at aiming the toy car correctly! Classic.

h&b said...

She's adorable.

As is the new header.

( I don't mind a soggy snmmidge actually ... cheese and tomato wrapped in gladwarp to sweat a few hours in a schoolbag sounds like heaven to me ;)

Sussanah said...

Tracey you do realise you are now going to have to repeat the whole process on Jennifer's blog.

My float said...

Gorgeous girl, isn't she, teeth and all!

I was telling my son and partner that I'd been watching a video about news to determine if I should show it to my class. My son piped up with, "No, mum, the kids don't want to watch news. They want to watch Shrek."

A bit of projection, no doubt!

By the way, I'm with your niece - I can't stand wet bread!

meggie said...

I cant stand yoghurt! blech. I might have been tempted to wash it too- at that age, or even now!
Gorgeous little girl.