Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Quilting and Jogging

See that? It is my brand new quilting machine fitting beautifully into the space that had been created for it in the studio. Notice the large dent in the side, right above the last 'M' in millennium. It took quite a knock during transit. Thankfully the damage is only cosmetic and a replacement top cover will be sent to me. It did give me quite a fright as I was unpacking it though! It is beautiful to use...I am in love with it!

The quilt pinned on the frame is one that I have made to donate to the music program at my daughter's school. They will raffle it to raise money for a music tour that they are taking later in the year. It has a large violin appliqued onto it. I'll post a photo of it when it is finished.

Sometimes I wonder if I am jogging through my life. (Not that I could actually jog...or would really want to) Today is a jogging day. I have to pick up my daughter from school at 1pm, she finishes early for study. We go and have sushi together for lunch. I enjoy spending time with her like this, especially as I know that the time she has to spend with me is almost over.

I pick up my son at 3pm from school. I cook dinner at 3:30pm because I have to take my son to guitar at 4:30.

My daughter often likes to go to the public library during the 30mins of the guitar lesson, otherwise I just sit in the car and read. Half an hour is not long enough to drop off and come back again. I come home in time to get changed and go for a walk around the river with my Pete. This is often my favourite part of the day. We just walk and talk, bliss. We walk for an hour, come home to eat our dinner. By now it is 8pm and I feel like I did absolutely nothing all day!! Nothing, but jog from place to place!


h&b said...

Gorgeous photos - I particularly like the one of your son.

And the sushi. Oh yeah.

Guess this is what i've got to look forward to ?

Love your quilting machine, BTW. Your 'study/space' looks fantastic.

A Room of One's Own, to to speak ;)

meggie said...

It all looks so good. I am glad you take time for 'you'- most important. Life passes us by with moments we seldom record. Lovely pics for future memories1

Sussanah said...

I think of myself as a hamster going round and around and around in a wheel forever rushing rushing but really getting nowhere (and on dark days I am a fat hamster in a filthy wheel)

Vicki W said...

Congratulations on your new Millennium! You are soooo going to love it! The only think I ever had any problems with on mine has been tension. I highly recommend that you buy a TOWA bobbin tension guild. That solved ALL of my tension problems. I can run any thready on my Willie. Are you on Longarmchat.com yet? It's a great place to get help. APQS has a nice bulletin board also. I'm just so excited for you!

My float said...

Jogging's not nothing, by any means! Sounds like a beautiful day.

How huge is that quilting machine of yours?! Am looking forward to seeing that quilt - it looks absolutely beautiful. How long did it take to make it?

caramaena said...

mmm sushi...

nutmeg said...

I am very envious of your quilting talent and your "grown up" lunch with your daughter!

And those type of days are when I am most likely to ask "Where did my thirties go again?" ha ha :-)

Felicia said...

Terrific machine!

Aunty Evil said...

I absolutely agree with My Float, I want to see that quilt when it's finished, it looks glorious!

Where can I buy tickets in the raffle?

Stomper Girl said...

Yes, I'm admiring that quilt too!

And good on you for sneaking in those patches of family-togetherness in between running your taxi service. The lunch, the book, the walk. All good.

Tracey Petersen said...

H&B - thanks for liking my photos, that means a lot coming from you - your photos are beautiful
meggie - these are good memories. I know I will miss it one day
Sussanah - I know those dark days! I make no claim to having a spiffy clean wheel myself
vicki - oh yeah, it's the best!
my float - that is the laziest quilt I have ever made! took me about three hours
caramaena - i like tofu on my sushi
nutmeg - you can look forward to lunches with your daughters too. When I take her out she has no choice but to talk to me
felicia - thanks
aunt evil - I will shamelessly promote the raffle tickets when I have finsihed
stomper - thanks for visiting young lady! I do enjoy my afternoons.

Lazy cow said...

I've seen you commenting around Nutmeg, H&B and Stomper but never visited before. I'm here and I like your blog, and your outlook on life. I hope my daughter and I are going out for sushi when she's a teenager :-)