Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Growing up and Moving on

Last night was my son's graduation from primary school. This ritual is a fairly new phenomenon in Australia, there was a time when you just went to the covered area for assembly and were wished well five minutes before you left for the summer holidays. This was an elaborate production where every child was presented with a graduation certificate and photos of all of their class members, bands played, choirs sang, invited guests were admired. Awards were presented in various categories. My son was nominated for four awards in academic categories. He won none. His teacher said to me that he deserved one, but just doesn't work hard enough. Sounds like every report card that I ever got, and that his father ever got. It wasn't very responsible of us to breed! Any way, lucky my son is charming and pretty...he'll get by in this life without working himself into a stupor!

Yesterday I finished a little quilt as a gift for his teacher (see I work hard enough now, finsihed with three days to spare). I started it earlier this year in a workshop with Marlene King. The leaf spikes of the grass tree have been stitched with upholstery thread. It was done in a bobbin work style.

Caitlin has a photo of a real grass tree on her blog today if you want to have a look.

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Di said...

Congratulations on your son's graduation from primary school. My son just finished his first year at High School and he is growing up sooooo fast! I'm finding it hard keep up with him so I can hold onto him...just for a bit longer! The quilt looks great - I'm sure his teacher is going to be thrilled.