Monday, December 11, 2006

I Need a Design Wall!

Look what was on my kitchen table when I woke up this morning.

My daughter has decided to make a quilt. This is the amazing result of her efforts so far. Nine-patches and a feature square of Hello Kitty fabric.

All of this has been done without any input from me. In fact just the opposite - she is a contrary little thing. If I were to be too enthusiastic about her work she would stop. She's a bit like a wild creature in that way - don't let her smell your fear! Any way the last time I saw this quilt she was only using four fabrics in the nine-patches and they were arranged in a typical dark and light arrangement with five patches of one colour and four of the other. Since then she has raided my stash cupboard and rearranged her design into a wonderful scrappy quilt! We have had no discussion about colour, values or design; this has been a purely intuitve process for her....I love that! We can all do that when we don't over think our designs.

I'm not sure where I am going to sew today now. I don't want to move her quilt. Maybe I could squeeze in at the other end of the table???

On another note, yesterday I met with Kirsty. It was supposed to be brunch, but it became lunch as well. It was nice to meet as strangers, enjoy conversation which was alternatley very intellectual and terribly low-brow, and walk away feeling that I had met with a very similar spirit to mine.

The world is a wonderful place!


Ali Honey said...

Hi Tracey,
I just found your Blog ( via Kirsty's I think), and was wondering how old your daughter is who is making this quilt. As I couldn't find anything in your info I searched back through your achives. I eventually found she is 16. I have just spent an enjoyable half hour reading all your blogs since August. Congrats on being published twice! I will put you on my 'Favourites,' and return from time to time.
What I started out to say was, let your daughter go for it. She will let you know if she needs your input; she's going so well.
Best wishes from New Zealand!

Di said...

your daughter has done a great jog. My daughter is 16 and doesn't seem to have any interest in sewing at all. She does seem to like my efforts though - so maybe one day....fingers crossed. How lovely that you could meet another blogging friend.

kirsty said...

Hi Tracey!
I had a great time too! And love how it turned into lunch :)