Sunday, December 31, 2006

One fish, two fish, Purple fish, blue fish

Well kind of green actually, but that didn't rhyme!

These fish are on the same quilt as the purple ones. These are the positive shapes cut from the fabric around the purple fish. I hadn't actually planned to use them on this quilt, but they seemed to fit. I had to go and buy more shimmery paint for these! I also bought beads, but they won't be added until after quilting. (Once I added them first, then found that they got in the way of the quilting foot - lesson learnt!)

For Christmas my daughter bought me an electric rice cooker and a beautiful sushi recipe book. This is a very thoughtful gift. I love sushi, she really put herself into my place when considering a gift for me. I love this girl!! She is turning into a wonderful adult.

SO here is my first sushi...

I am having tofu and avocado with my sushi. My daughter made hers with bacon. Mmmm bacon, that well known Japanese ingredient. We have been making some every day. Delicious!

Hope everyone has a happy new year!


aunty evil said...

That quilt is coming along nicely, wish I had the time/patience/talent to do that kind of thing. I used to be quite crafty in my single days, but I was always a lazy sewer and knitter.

Anyway, let's talk about food. I bought myself a rice cooker a while back, and unlike all my other "great idea" appliances, this has stood the test of time and has proved to be a valuable tool in my kitchen. I just love it, and I particularly like the way it cooks Basmati. Yummmm.

Your sushi's look great!

Tracey Petersen said...

Thanks Aunty Evil. Trust me they taste every bit as good as they look. I am going to try one of the risotto recipes that came with the rice cooker. Have you tried any of those?