Friday, December 29, 2006

Something Fishy

Yesterday was a day spent drawing, cutting, fusing, painting and stitching. Just fabulous! Here is a sneak peek.

The fish are reverse appliqued, then the body is painted with shimmer paint. I have only applied it lightly as I didn't want to create a strong colour difference, just to add some shine. The white dots are shimmer paint too. They break up the strong purple.

Usually I would add the stitching details as a part of the quilting. This time I stitched over the fish first so that they won't flatten when they are quilted.

I think that today I will head for the bead shop. These fish need beads! Don't you think so?


Anonymous said...

this looks like the begining of something exciting. looking good!!

Anonymous said...

this lady has a range of cool fused quilts with hand dyes....
p.s- now i'm on holidays, i'm starting to get addicted to flicking through the blogs!!

Stomper Girl said...

I like those purple fishies! And you're right, they definitely need beads.

Tracey Petersen said...

Flo I told you that a computer is the essential quilter's tool. You reeeeally need one!!!

meggie said...

I really like those fish!
Hope you post the pics witht he beads- please?

Agree about a quilter needing a computer... but I seem to have stopped sewing- I am having too much fun checking out blogs!
Some really great ideas to be had, though, for when I get over my stitcher's block!

Tracey Petersen said...

Thanks for visiting Meggie. Bought big beads so they'll be quick to stitch. Will have to quilt before I bead so don't hold your breath for photos!